Restricted Licenses


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Restricted Licenses courses in Northampton, just off the A45, close to Wellingborough and Kettering.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 day and hourly courses are available;

Restricted License 17-19 years of age

A1 license Students must take and pass there theory, CBT and practical motorcycle tests on a motorcycle of up to 11kw and 125cc. After passing there test they can remove there L plates and are restricted to 125cc.

Restricted License 19-24 A2 license

Students must take and pass there theory test, CBT and practical tests on a motorcycle at A1 test standard. After passing you are restricted to a motorcycle of up to 35kw that was not derived from a vehicle of no more then twice that power. After 2 years you can retake your practical test on a DAS motorcycle and you will then have a unlimited motorcycle license group A.

All elements must be completed before the CBT certificate can be issued

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