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Driving standards Agency 1 module test Northampton, just off the A45, close to Wellingborough and Kettering.

Welcome to the 2 part module test this is how the test is going to work as of the 27/04/2009 a new off road element of the part 2 test will come into effect. The D.S.A. have purpose built exam sites for you to take the off road element of your test separate to the on road element.

You will first be taken into the test centre by your instructor and introduced to the examiner who will check your documents if he/she is satisfied all is in order you will be taken out to the off road site to conduct your module 1 test a brief check of your motorcycle to insure the suitability of your machine to take the test and the exam will begin.

The test can be run on a left or right circuit. There are 11 manoeuvres for you to undertake and pass. The test although is taken on a off road site will be treated by the examiner as if on road so make sure you know and do all your observations and life savers.

  1. On and off the stand. Nice and ease your instructor will of already shown you how to do this on your cbt and during your course.
  2. Wheel the machine from one parking bay to another, this is to show you have complete control over the size of machine you are using and are able to manoeuvre it manually without the use of the engine.
  3. Slalom this is a slow manoeuvre requiring strong positive control over your machine through a path of cones using clutch control, sensitive throttle control, back brake and positive clean steering also you need to look were you are going not at the ground in front of you.
  4. Then its straight into the figure of 8 a simple manoeuvre using the same control disciplines used on your slalom your need to complete 2 full figures of 8 on this one.
  5. Slow ride ok this is very easy if you can do the slalom and figure of 8 this should be a breeze just riding between 2 sets of combs in a straight line not a problem.
  6. Now for the u turn this is the good news the turn is done on the off road site at 7.5 metres unlike the old test were it could be done on wide roads, small roads, high curbs or full of pot holes this one is always the same so once you mastered it with us you should have no problems on test.
  7. The next step is the controlled stop ride around the test circuit and stop with your front wheel between four cones.
  8. 30 kph circuit, remember this can be done on a right or left circuit. Why 30kph because we are part of Europe and this test is to bring us into line with the rest of the EU who all drive in kph. Don’t worry your instructor will talk you through the correct speed in mph on your course and give you plenty of practise.
  9. Then straight into a 50kph emergency stop your speed is measured so you need to make sure you get to 50 kph for the stop but you will get plenty of practice with your instructor before the test so don’t worry.
  10. 30 kph circuit ride again once more we need to keep our speed up at the end of the circuit you will need to accelerate to 50 kph.
  11. 50 kph avoidance manoeuvre again same reason for the kph as before. This time your need to avoid a set of cones by steering your motorcycle around them at 50kph your speed is recorded so you need to get this right and keep your speed up.

And that is the end of the test your examiner will then give you your result which should be a pass as you will be given all the training your need by Karmenz and now it’s time to plan for the on road test. Any questions on the tests please give us a call on 01604 402 444.

The on road test module 2 is conducted from one of the many DSA examining sites and takes about 45 minutes. You will be expected to show a good standard of control over your motorcycle using good observational skills, life savers, hazard awareness and forward observations. The ride should be safe, progressive and well planned. With Karmenz you will be given as much road training as you need to pass your test.

Click here to open PDF of circuit map

Good Luck

All elements must be completed before the CBT certificate can be issued

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