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Welcome to Karmenz Ltd

We are Northampton longest established motorcycle training school with over two decade of motorcycle training skills. We feel pleased to offer you student based tailored course from CBT, The DVSA enhanced training course, back to motorcycling, DVSA Das intensive courses, 1hrs lessons, restricted 46.6 bhp courses and advanced RoSPA with fully trained instructors.

We hope you will take away with you the wealth of experience and rider skills we have to offer and enjoy the world of motorcycling that you are now about to enter and experience. Always feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call on 01604 402444 with any questions you may have on motorcycling.

Please take the time to read the following terms and conditions as they are there for your safety information and protection.

  • Online Bookings must be paid in full and payments can be made by a PayPal account or Credit Card through PayPal
  • On-site Payments can be made with the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Solo and most debit cards.
  • On-site Payments can also be made by cash or cheque (all cheques must be paid 14 days in advance of the first days training and must be made payable to Karmenz ltd.)
  • All courses balances must be paid in full on the morning of the 1st day of training.
  • Module 1 and 2 tests can be purchased for £90.50
  • Intensive courses must be payed in full on the first day of the course.
  •  CBT course are £175 and must be payed in full when booked. All payments online, full payment is required at time of booking.
  • We require 10 days notice of any course cancellations. No refunds out side these dates
  • If you don’t have a licence please do not book a cbt as failure to produce a licence will result in course cancellation and loss of fees
  • For a re‐test, the full amount of payment is due at time of booking

Booking Cancellations by the Customer

Karmenz ltd requires 10 days notice for cancellation or changes in course dates for CBT courses. ANY refunds made will incur a 10% administration charge . 21 clear days notice for cancellation or change in course dates for all other courses . This must be in writing and sent to Karmenz ltd, Billing Garden Village, The Causeway, Northampton, NN3 9EX, e‐mail to karl@karmenzbiketraining.com or alternatively call us on 01604 402444. If cancelling by telephone this must also be accompanied by a conformation letter. No refunds will be made outside these dates irrespective of all or any personal circumstances.

Students cancelling courses after the 21 day notice period will be liable for any outstanding balance on the courses.

Students outside the 21 day cancellation period can have a full refund less a 10 % handling charge.

Students cancelling courses mid course no refunds will be made irrespective of all or any
personal circumstances.

All course dates can be re‐scheduled with no cancellation fee providing it is done 21 days before start of the course.

All bookings made by gift vouchers are non transferable and non refundable. Courses must be taken within 1 year of the purchase date of the gift voucher.

Course dates and deposits can only be transferred to another person (except gift vouchers) outside the 21 day cancellation period and only for the original course dates.
All refunds will be made out in cheque form only and to the named person who booked the course.

Cancellation by Karmenz ltd

Karmenz ltd reserves the right to move, cancel, and change context and dates of courses at any time.

Cancellations can be made due to adverse weather conditions, Driving Vehicle Standards Agency Test cancellations or students ability. Students will be offered alternative dates no refunds will be made


All motorcycle tests are conducted by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency Examiner, in the event of bad weather or mechanical failure the test may be cancelled by the examiner, Karmenz ltd has no control over the examiner choice to cancel or run a test. A new test will be booked at the first available date all bike hire and any extra training will be charged at hr rates and students can fill out a compensation form from the D.V.S.A. using a Driving test cancellations refund out‐of‐pocket expenses form. Karmenz ltd cannot be held responsible for tests cancelled by the D.V.S.A. or for any compensation made by the D.V.S.A.


Insurance of all Karmenz Ltd is 3rd party only. Any damage to our motorcycles or equipment through misuse or not following correct procedures laid out in these terms or by their instructor will be charged at full retail value. Karmenz ltd does not supply or offer personal accident cover students may wish to take out independent personal accident insurance before the course begins.

Course Safety Procedures

Due to the very nature of motorcycle training/riding, students will encounter various weather and riding conditions. All efforts will be made by Karmenz Ltd to ensure the safety of the students during the period of their course.

If in the instructor’s opinion, it is unsafe for any student to continue the course due to weather conditions or the student’s ability. We reserve the right to cancel or move the student to another group reflecting their ability level or change the size or cc of the motorcycle they are riding. This decision rests solely with your instructor.

Students are expected at all times to comply with all instructions given by their instructor. Failure to do so may result in the course being cancelled of which no refunds will be given.

All students starting courses must produce their photo driving licence. Old paper licences must be accompanied with a valid British passport. Overseas students must produce a British driving licence. All licences must have a moped or motorcycle entitlement in respect of the course they are doing. All responsibility for licences being produced for C.B.T. tests and for any course is with the student.

Please note that motorcycle training is and can be physically and mentally challenging and you need to insure you’re up to the task. Motorcycle training and motorcycling is not for everyone and a desire to achieve your training goals is essential. If you are unsure please call us first before booking a course so we can talk you through our courses and ensure the training you have chosen is the right thing for you. Sometimes a more gentle introduction into training maybe the right choice eg private hour 1-2-1 may suit you if you’re nervous or have anxiety issues rather then going straight into a group course. We are here to help and guide you but we can only do so if you let us know and give us the time to achieve your training goals.

Students taking their D.V.S.A. motorcycle test must produce their photo card licence. C.B.T cert DL196, their theory cert and as of the 27/04/2009 the module 1 cert for the examiner at the start of the test, failure to do so will result in the test being cancelled and the student losing the test fee and any bike hire paid for.

Please note students must turn up in time to start their course, tests missed due to students turning up late to Karmenz ltd will lose their test fee and any motorcycle hire paid for.

Students doing their full licence must have passed their Theory Test one clear day before the test. (Theory booking no. 0300 200 1122 or book on line at www.dsa.gov.uk)

Students failing their theory test can still start their training course without losing the test fee but they must give Karmenz ltd 10 days notice not including Sundays and their test can be booked for a later date after they have retaken and passed the theory test.

All students will be offered from the 27/04/2009 the 2 part module test for their motorcycle licence. They will be offered module 1 at the end of their course and module 2 the week after or as close to but more than 3 working days from end of the course as possible. Students failing the module 1 test can rearrange the module 2 test if there is more than 3 days not including Sundays between the tests without losing the module 2 test fee but they will have to repay the module 1 fee again and any motorcycle hire. If requested the module 2 test can be arranged to run straight after the module 1 test but students failing to pass the module 1 test will also lose the module 2 tests booking fee due to the D.V.S.A. booking rules and schedules.

Any disabilities must be reported at time of booking.

Students must be able to read a standard number plate at 20.5 metres.

We can supply Helmets, gloves, jackets, hi viz jackets and water proof over trousers but students are expected to dress accordingly to the weather conditions. Students supplying their own safety helmet must insure it meets all EU standards and has a legal clear visor fitted.

Students own motorcycles must be of a road worthy condition have full sized L plates front and rear they must be insured have road tax a full sized registration plate and have a MOT if over 3 years old. If the students bike does not meet the above standards there course will be cancelled.

Students are expected to observe all safety regulations set out by Karmenz ltd

Please note additional cbt notes

CBT is a 5 element course.

Before booking a cbt please insure you have a full UK car licence or a provisional UK licence.

You can ride a bicycle.

Have an understanding of the English language, spoken, written and heard.

Cbt is a DVSA course and the course plan and expected achievements are set out by them. We have to adhere to their criteria.

There are 5 elements to a cbt and students must achieve a reasonable standard within each element. This is determined by your instructor within the element and your ability to complete each element successfully.

If at any time you cannot complete one of the elements you will be required to finish for the day and re book another cbt with your instructor .

Your instructor will endeavour to train you through each element but if you do not achieve the full element after a reasonable period of time within each element the course will need to move on to accommodate the other students on the course.

You will now be given 2 choices

1. re book your cbt with a 50% discount £87.50

2. book a hour lesson to practice the element you struggled with on a 1-2-1 basis . Hour lessons £65. After your lesson you can then re book your cbt.

Option 2 can be very helpful if your struggling or feel nervous within group training and can take the pressure off you allowing you to move forward with your training.

If you don’t reach the required standard on the second cbt and you wish to carry on you will need to re book and pay for another cbt at full price.

Cbt is not a guaranteed Pass and the misconception that you cannot fail is hearsay. There is no pass or fail in cbt only the fact that you have achieved or not achieved the standards set out by the DVSA. You can always add additional training to your cbt until you do achieve the set standards.

Cbt is designed to see if your able to ride safely out on the road giving you a basic understanding of the motorcycle controls, road and prevailing on road situations. If in your instructors opinion you can’t you will not be issued with a cbt certificate . Remember its our mission to train you safely but its you who has to achieve the set standards.

Any of the above not being adhered to will result in the course being cancelled with no refunds.

Karmenz Personal Conduct

The trainer will at all times behave in a professional manner towards all clients.
Clients will be treated with due respect and consideration.

The instructor will avoid unnecessary physical contact with a client.

Students Personal Conduct

The student will at all times behave in a professional manner towards the instructor.
Instructors will be treated with due respect and consideration.

The student will avoid unnecessary physical contact with the instructor.

Although every effort will be made by Karmenz ltd to ensure the safety of all students there is a realistic possibility that an accident may occur due to the very nature of on road motorcycle training. That could result in personal injury or death and or damage to personal property. Unless found to be negligent Karmenz ltd or your instructor will not accept liability for any personal injury loss or damage or expenses that may occur.

Karmenz ltd does not guarantee Test passes. Students failing their test will be offered a retest at D.S.A. test prices plus a rebooking fee and motorcycle hire fees.

Students are responsible at all times for their own personal conduct and all legal requirements whilst out on the road training, any penalties incurred and all costs due to the high way code or the law being broken rests with the student.

Although Karmenz ltd will always try to meet the highest standards of training if a student feels they have a complaint this can be made in writing within 21 days of the course finishing date to Karmenz ltd, Billing Garden Village, The Causeway, Northampton NN3 9EX . The complaint will be thoroughly investigated by the chief instructor and any action needed will be taken and a report will be sent out to you.


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