CBT Course

Date: Saturday Nov 24 2018
Time: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
Cost: £135.00

Guaranteed for 2 attempts and max class of 3 students

CBT consists of 5 elements;

Element 1

  1. Eye test 20.5 metres.
  2. Description of course and training goals.
  3. Motorcycle clothing/fluorescent safety equipment. What to wear and not to wear.

Element 2

  1. Motorcycle controls and how they work.
  2. Machine checks and basic maintenance. Daily/weekly
  3. Manually push and control the bike.
  4. On/off main and side stands.
  5. Discussion on brakes and braking practices.
  6. Start/stop engine.

Element 3
We now teach you how to ride a motorcycle/moped

  1. Pulling away and stopping in a straight line.
  2. Stopping in full control of your brakes.
  3. Changing gears.
  4. Figure of 8 and u turns using clutch control.
  5. Junction work using OSMPSL.
  6. Emergency stops.

Element 4

  1. Safety instructions pre road ride.
    Including , being visible, knowing the legal requirements, vulnerability, correct speeds according to conditions, highway code, anticipate the actions of other road users, rear observations and life savers, positioning, safe distances, weather, drugs and alcohol, aggressive riding and hazard perception.

Element 5

Two hour on road ride.


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