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Booking and Payments

Payments can be made with the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Solo and most debit cards.

Payments can also be made by cash or cheque (all cheques must be paid 16 days in advance of the first days training and must be made payable to Karmenz ltd.)

All courses balances must be paid in full on the morning of the 1st day of training.

Deposits for the Intensive courses are £100

Deposits for CBT course are £50

For a re‐test, the full amount of payment is due at time of booking

Booking Cancellations by the Customer

Karmenz ltd requires 16 days notice for cancellation or change in course
dates. This must be in writing and sent to Karmenz ltd, Billing Garden Village, The Causeway, Northampton, NN3 9EX, e‐mail to or alternatively call us on 01604 402444. If cancelling by telephone this must also be accompanied by a conformation letter. No refunds will be made outside these dates irrespective of all or any personal circumstances.

Students cancelling courses after the 16 day notice period will be liable for any outstanding balance on the courses.

Students outside the 16 day cancellation period can have a full refund less a 10 % handling charge.

Students cancelling courses mid course no refunds will be made irrespective of all or any
personal circumstances.

All course dates can be re‐scheduled with no cancellation fee providing it is done 16 days before start of the course.

All bookings made by gift vouchers are non transferable and non refundable. Courses must be taken within 1 year of the purchase date of the gift voucher.

Course dates and deposits can only be transferred to another person (except gift vouchers) outside the 16 day cancellation period and only for the original course dates.
All refunds will be made out in cheque form only and to the named person who booked the course.

Cancellation by Karmenz ltd

Karmenz ltd reserves the right to move, cancel, and change context and
dates of courses at any time.

Cancellations can be made due to adverse weather conditions, Driving Standards Agency Test cancellations or students ability. Students will be offered alternative dates no refunds will be made

All C.B.T. courses are guaranteed for 2 attempts and must be taken within 6 months of the course start dates, failure to complete the course no refunds will be made.

All motorcycle tests are conducted by the Driving Standards Agency Examiner, in the event of bad weather or mechanical failure the test may be cancelled by the examiner, Karmenz ltd has no control over the examiner choice to cancel or run a test. A new test will be booked at the first available date all bike hire and any extra training will be charged at hr rates and students can fill out a compensation form from the D.S.A. using a Driving test cancellations refund out‐of‐pocket expenses form. Karmenz ltd cannot be held responsible for tests cancelled by the D.S.A. or for any compensation made by the D.S.A.


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