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Standard Motorcycle Licence

The Standard Motorcycle Licence is obtained if the practical test is taken on a bike over 120cc but not more than 125cc and capable of at least 100Kph.

After passing the standard motorcycle practical test, you will be restricted for two years to riding a bike of up to 25kW (33Bhp). After this time period, you may ride any size of bike.

Standard Motorcycle Licence (A)

The following tells you exactly what you need to do to get your licence:

  • You must first have a Provisional Licence with motorcycle entitlement, or a full car or moped licence. If you do not have any of these, then you need to apply for your provisional licence.
  • You must now take your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), this however is not required if you have passed your moped test after the 1st of December 1990.
  • You can now ride on public roads with L-plates on a learner motorcycle (up to 125cc). You are not allowed to carry a pillion passenger.
  • You now need to take and pass your Motorcycle Theory Test. However, if you have a moped licence, you only need to take this test if you obtained your licence before the 1st of July 1996.
  • You can now apply for your Motorcycle Practical Test.
  • You will take your test on a motorcycle that is over 120cc, but not more than 125cc and capable of at least 100Kph.


If you pass, you may discard your L-plates, and carry a pillion passenger. You will be restricted to a motorcycle with a power output of up to 25kW (33bhp) for two years. After this period, you may ride any size of bike.



If you fail, you will have to apply for your practical test again. You'll have to remember that your theory test pass and CBT certificate (DL196) have a life of two years.

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